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Alice Mabin reveals her soul through the eye of the lens

With more than 5,000 spectacular images over four books, Alice’s images truly make you feel connected with agriculture and rural life.

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Al Mabin Pty Ltd CEO + Founder / Keynote Presenter/ Agribusiness Leader / Visual Storyteller / 2015 Asia Pacific Female Entrepreneur of the Year/ Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Al Mabin Pty Ltd was founded to inspire positive action, reconnect people to the outback way of life and celebrate the essence of the Aussie bush through the power of storytelling. My company wraps life-changing messages in riveting stories and spectacular imagery to entertain, educate and inspire.

How do I do it?

  • Powerful keynote presentations that shake audiences to the core and motivate them to overcome anything in their path.
  • Visual storytelling – up-close-and-personal videography and photography that tells the authentic stories of rural communities and agribusinesses.
  • Four 10 x bestselling coffee table books that portray the heart and scale of Australian agriculture and transport industries; and one behind-the scenes account of my life as an Outback Entrepreneur that inspires action and stirs solidarity.
  • The Al Mabin Australian Agricultural Image Library that increases access to first-rate images that tell the genuine Australian story and transforms the way businesses use quality marketing and educational rural imagery.

I always thought I would have a long career in animal health until I bought a camera.

Revolutionizing outback storytelling

Raising the standards in agriculture globally and inspiring change.

When given an opportunity to ride along with Australia’s famous Brinkworth Cattle Drive, I saw first-hand the effects of media misrepresentations on agricultural businesses so decided to publish a coffee table book to tell the real story, celebrate the achievements of this epic drove and reconnect people to the Aussie Bush.

Now, Al Mabin Pty Ltd is revolutionizing outback storytelling, raising the standards in agriculture globally and inspiring change.

Way back when roads were nothing more than dirt tracks and travellers gathered at local hotels and camps to have a few drinks and yarn with the locals, outback storytelling buoyed Aussie communities. Now I am harnessing this almost forgotten art to support rural communities, challenge mindsets and make a real difference in people’s lives.

My record-breaking coffee table books, The Drover, The Driver and The Grower Series turned Australia’s self-publishing industry on its head. Now my keynote presentations and documentaries challenge mindsets, reconnect people to the outback way of life and celebrate the Aussie bush.

When I’m not flying my drone, wowing audiences with my on-stage presentations, or searching for the gold in each unique story, you will find me on the road with my Jack Russell Barney, driving a tractor or searching for the emu in the sky on Outback stations.

Please reach out. I love talking all things Outback, people and creating brilliance.


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