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Passionately driven to tell the Rural Australian story


Alice Mabin reveals her soul through the eye of the lens

With more than 5,000 spectacular images over four books, Alice’s images truly make you feel connected with agriculture and rural life.

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#1 Australian rural lifestyle photographer

At Al Mabin Pty Ltd we believe in uniting people to the cause. To positively bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding in agriculture and transport; two industries integral to your life.

Passionately driven by storytelling, we love that the work we undertake artistically highlights the amazing effort of two industries that are the backbone and grass roots of Australia. These causes are bigger than we are.

We do this through a number of avenues; ground and aerial photography and videography, keynote speaking, teaching along with the sales and marketing of my two self published best sellers, ‘The Drover’ and ‘The Driver’.

I chose to self publish because I wanted to ‘own’ my products, to be the face of them in all aspects, to ensure their success.

Purchasing a copy of ‘The Drover’, ‘The Driver’ ’The Grower- the heartbeat of Australia’ or ’The Grower- the roots of Australia’, will provide endless enjoyment, but to know a little of the inside story of why the books exists and challenges of how the books were produced, gives these exquisite pieces that little bit of extra meaning to their owners.

They are a real talking piece.

Alice creates masterful photographs worthy of the dozens of awards she has won including:

Business Excellence Forum Awards, B.E.F.A. 2015 Asia-Pacific Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Pfizer Sales Representative of the Year 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Through keynote speaking, attending events, being the sales person, marketer and distributor of my books, I am able to keep the messages circulating in the community.

I am always looking through photographic eyes, to capture the essence of the outback, the rural industry and way of life – to evoke feelings and emotions in people that view my pictures which encourage them to feel a sense of being there, and heighten their appreciation for what is pictated in the scene.

My team and I live in a two dimensional space. We don’t have shop front or a face in the market, but we do our upmost to be accessible to everyone. I travel the country in my custom built mobile gallery that I also call home. Whilst travelling the country spreading the word of my bestselling books I also engage in many other community activities.

Some interesting facts about Al Mabin Pty Ltd

  • Staff in 5 countries across the world
  • Unique self-made distribution network 600+ resellers
  • Nominated for BEFA Best Manufacturer, Best Marketing Campaign, Young Entrepreneur of The Year and Fastest Growing Business awards
  • Two sister companies in the US and New Zealand


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