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Tara Gordon

Anyone passionate about the trucking industry needs to buy this book. OMG The photography in it is amazing and the stories and different people featured are so interesting….I personally like the outback trucker type blokes but every story is interesting. Got a bloke in your life who will be needing a birthday, father’s day or christmas present? ORDER this book, LOVE IT! Congratulations and well done to the lady who travelled around Aus and NZ compiling such wonderful stories and photos!

Tara Gordon

Jason Wheeler

As a Kenworth dealer and member of the Board of the BCTA (BC Trucking Association) I wanted to do something different this year. In the past we have had gifts delivered to the rooms of all our customers during the Annual General Meeting, usually these were some gadget or trinket with our company logo on them but you never really knew if anyone kept them or just gave them away after the meeting. I came across Alice’s book “The Driver” and I thought it would make a more unique gift that our customers are likely to keep, or at least have it as a coffee table book in their reception area.

Jason Wheeler – Inland Group Canada

Jenny Boyd, newsXpress Highlands Marketplace Mittagong & newsXpress Bowral

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our in store book signing last Saturday, we had a fantastic morning with sales and my customers loved meeting and chatting with you.

How nice to see a local guy bring his much loved copy of The Driver in to be signed by you and then purchase both your new books!

As we had great sales with both The Drover and The Driver books I figured The Grower books would have to be a hit, and with Fathers Day and Christmas coming these will sell well for the next few months.

The timing was perfect with drought relief fundraising currently in overdrive.

It was interesting that the sales were to guys purchasing for themselves, apart from magazines and lotto, guys don’t spend much in my store.

$99 sale in a newsagency is amazing, but when a customer purchases 2 or 3 of your books together you know price isn’t the only factor, they love the product so they buy it!

Jenny Boyd, newsXpress Highlands Marketplace Mittagong & newsXpress Bowral

Leanne Mulligan

Our copy of “The Driver” arrived today, perfect for hubby’s birthday. It is a magnificent book, and he will be absolutely delighted. I love the size of the book, the quality of the paper and the printing. I am so happy that I have just gone in and ordered a copy of “The Drover”.Great Work Al!

Leanne Mulligan

Neville Wallace

I have just had a quick look at Alice’s new book “The Driver” I am impressed that Alice has done such a great job of portraying an industry which needs more positive publicity. More consideration needs to be given to an industry, to which we all rely on for our every day needs.  This book has very informative dialogue accompanied with great photography well done Alice Mabin

Neville Wallace

Jim Gossard

Al, our team was so impressed with the quality of the book, but the depth you bring to the customer’s business is outstanding.  You have a special way of capturing and articulating with your words and photos what we call the “voice of the customer”.  

Jim Gossard – Director of Product Planning, Peterbilt Motors Company


Dear Al! I am so happy! The Driver Books have arrived – Everything perfect. Congratulations: superb job. Cheers!

Sabine from Germany


His book has arrived and he is happy. So proud that James could be a part of this gorgeously presented book. It’s a great read and the photos are fantastic. Great job


Glenys Turner

Received my book in the mail…,.Absolutely WOW….so nice from start to finish….thank you so much for all of your hard work & dedication

Glenys Turner

Dean Hurlstone

Alice, I bought your book off you at the KW truck show on Saturday. The book is a credit to you, keep up the good work.

Conhur Pty Ltd – Dean Hurlstone

Graeme Waller

Package arrived on the door step on Tuesday evening thank you. Great illustrations, WELL DONE. Wanted to read them cover to cover in the first 5 minutes, BUT will enjoy over time with reflection. Cheers.

Graeme Waller

Barbara Walker

Received our copy of “The Driver” – thank you. Hubby barely put it down all weekend.

Barbara Walker

Matt Innes

The Driver is a great book depicting the true essence of the transport industry across Australia and its diversity. There is an incredible range of characters in the book who do amazing things to achieve their goals or to help others in multiple communities. We have great pleasure in presenting this book to our customers as a gift and it’s nice to see it on display when we go to visit them! I highly recommend this book as a gift or for keepsake.

Matt Innes – Brown and Hurley

Peter Halicki, Collins Booksellers Wagga Wagga

I so much believe in your positive philosophy and agree with everything you say. You are so right.

We shall get behind the book and give it the exposure it deserves, particularly for Father’s Day. We already have them in three locations around the store.

If my staff can do a half decent display, we’ll send you a photo.

You know, after 33 years in the book trade and having worked for Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Leading Edge Books and owning this Collins store for 21 years, I have a general rule that I never buy anything FIRM SALE because I just don’t need too. However, I’m so glad I made an exception in the  case of your books. They have proven to be a great success with sales of The Drover now standing at 48 copies and The Driver at 32 copies. This is quite considerable!  I think you are GOLD and your books are GEMS.

Congratulations on the success of your books.


Vanessa Moore
Master Business Coach

I was very excited to hear that Al had released another series of books. The Driver and The Drover were wonderful.

The Grower arrived and I placed it on a table waiting for time to have a good read. I stopped at it yesterday and thought “I’ll just have a peek” 65 pages and 20 odd minutes later I realised I was going to be late for a meeting. The pictures and the stories are fantastic. So much information about an industry most of us would take for granted – we just go to the shop and buy it. I’ve never really thought about how our food is grown and farmed.

Thanks Al, this truly is a gift and an eye opener about an industry that is so important to our Country.

Chris Andreassen

There’s nothing like sitting on the veranda on a hot winters day, with a copy of ‘The Driver’, and an ice cold beer, which was delivered on the back of a truck. It’s amazing what these men and women do day in and day out to ensure that every load is delivered in one piece. As they say ‘Without trucks, Australia Stops’. This is so true. I respect what these guys do. Thanks again for a great read.

Chris Andreassen

Carol Beckham

Was great to meet you last night at the Noosa Photo Club.  It was a fantastic presentation, you are a great speaker. A lot of club members came up to me at the end of the evening and asked where I found you. They said you were by far the best Guest Speaker we have had at the club and they thoroughly enjoyed your presentation with all the serious stuff and humour included. On behalf of Noosa Photo Club I would like to thank you again and wish you every success with your business.

Carol Beckham. Noosa Photo Club

Justine Proksch

Picked up our copy yesterday. So worth the drive to collect it. Son loves the Driver! He’s so thrilled to see Yogi and Steve from Outback Truckers in it. Awesome book!!!

Justine Proksch


I received the book in today’s mail. A brilliant montage of photographs and write ups on those featured.
The wait was certainly worth it. Thank you so much.


Karl Black

Finally got my hands on a copy of The Driver! This book has far exceeded my expectations by a long shot. As you turn the pages the ooh’s and ahh’s become more frequent and to open up and see the company I drive for (Emerald Carrying Co.) is featured alongside the likes of outback truckers stars Steve Grahame and Yogi from Kendall Trucking just puts the icing on the cake! It’s great to see a publication about the transport industry being portrayed in a POSITIVE light and this book does that and shows the dedication and pride of everybody involved.

Karl Black

Jacqueline Curley

These books are helping to keep the profile of Agriculture alive. Currently we have just about everything working against us so it is entirely up to us to put ourselves back in the public eye. Al Mabin has spent a year of her life producing The Grower which is a huge step in this direction. Use this resource, make sure it is your local schools, libraries and homes. Encourage business to use it for Christmas corporate gifts, stock up with them for event trophies. Her book about freight and transportation throughout Australia is also very educational and well researched. No other country in the world has produced an agricultural photography and info book as extensive as The Grower series. We have one put in our laps and it seems it is not going to be utilised unless we all make a decision to buy them now. The cost of one of these books is equivalent to one dinner and a bottle of wine, or one shirt, or a pair of cheap shoes. The benefits of spreading this information through the public domain will last for many many years. I leave these thoughts with you all.

Anthony Kajewski

Bought this big book today, I’m not into reading but after first page I instantly fell in love with it, You did a great job on it Alice

Anthony Kajewski


Hi Alice – Firstly an apology for the muck up with breakfast today- I am sure the day got better. What an inspiration you are! We all enjoyed your talk today on the trials you have gone through to get to where you are now. While there weren’t many there today, we hope you enjoyed your visit to Rotary Sunrise. What great books you have produced; they are fantastic. Keep up knocking on doors! Check out facebook; I put a couple of photos on of this morning. 

Col – Rotary Club of Emerald Sunrise

Nic Hewton

Just picked up my copy of The Driver. I’ve only had a quick flick through but it’s evident this is a masterpiece. Alice Mabin you have certainly gone above and beyond to capture the transport industry in Australia. Well done, extremely well done

Nic Hewton

Joel McDonald

Here at Gilbert & Roach we have had great success with sales on The Driver & The Drover books by Alice Mabin and the customer feedback has been excellent. The limited editions have also been excellent for corporate gifts and promotional events. These books have been a credit to Alice, keep up the good work

Joel McDonald – Gilbert and Roach
The Drover - Award Winning, Best Seller The Drover - Award Winning, Best Seller

The Drover

The biggest cattle drive in over 100 year

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The Drover - Award Winning, Best Seller - photo book
The Grower - The Heartbeat of Australia

The Grower

The Heartbeat of Australia

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The Grower - The Heartbeat of Australia
The Grower - The Roots of Australia The Grower - The Roots of Australia

The Grower

The Roots of Australia

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The Grower - The Roots of Australia - photo book

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