Small-Town Girl Crushed By 600kg Horse Achieves The Impossible And Becomes Entrepreneur Of The Year

Find Out How I Became The #1 Entrepreneur In Australia After Being Told I Would Never Walk Or Talk Again...And Why It’s My Mission To Help Rural Creative Thinkers Overcome Adversity And Achieve Outstanding Success


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How A Near-Fatal Horse Riding Accident Made Me An Award-Winning Entrepreneur...

I grew up horse mad...riding since I was 2...and competing in eventing since I was 8. When I was just 15 years old, I took a jump too fast and...CRACK! 600kgs of horse came crashing down on my head...causing a brain bleed and putting me in a coma for 3 weeks. I was told I may never walk or talk AGAIN...but I had other plans.

I’m Alice Mabin. People tell me I was always self-driven...but this accident took it to a whole new level. It taught me that through sheer will and determination...I can overcome any obstacle when I put my mind to it. Because after three weeks in intensive care and another 3 gruelling months of rehab, I was walking and talking again.

I’m now an award-winning entrepreneur, photographer/videographer, multiple best-selling author and professional keynote speaker. It’s my personal mission to inspire rural creative thinkers and show you and your team that you can achieve ANYTHING...even in the crazy post-COVID world we now live in.


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Alice Mabin

Award-winning entrepreneur, photographer, multiple best-selling author and professional guest speaker


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

My Staff Were Spellbound And Emotional…But Mostly, We Were All Inspired By This Exceptional Woman!

Roger Vater, Vater Machinery.

The Small-Town Girl Turned Best-Selling Author, TEDx Presenter And Entrepreneur Of The Year

I haven’t always been a ground-breaking entrepreneur. My story comes from very humble beginnings. I grew up on a farm just outside of a small rural town in NZ before making the move to Australia to follow my dreams. I had fire burning inside me that couldn’t be contained. I knew I was destined for more. Much more.

Since then I’ve become a world-renowned photographer, I’ve self-published 5 best-selling books, and I’ve spoken on stage in front of 1000+ people including the Prime Minister of Australia. I’ve also won countless awards for my business excellence.

A photo of me winning the 2015 BEFA Entrepreneur Of The Year

Me with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack in Scotts Office


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

My Custom Presentations Will Rouse The Tenacious, Unrelenting Nature Of The Aussie Bush In Your Audience

If You Think I’m Going To Be Just Another Boring Speaker Who Offers No Real Value…Think Again!

Afraid you’ll hire a guest speaker who bores your crowd to death? Someone who reads from cue cards in monotone? Or a speaker who just does a cookie-cutter presentation that doesn’t offer you any real value for the money you invested? Sadly, this happens all the time.

People often think hiring a celebrity or an ageing athlete to do a speech is a good idea. Sure, the crowd might recognise them. But will they actually help re-engage your staff, light a fire under their a*se, solve your culture issues and provide lasting inspiration to be better? NO. At best, you’ll get a presentation that’s all style and no substance.

Light A FIRE Under Your Audience So They’re Motivated To Take Massive Action

I am a survivor. I am a disruptor. I am a fearsome female who has pulled out all the stops to make the impossible possible. My real-life stories of trials and triumphs connect and inspire.

Whether you want to teach your team creative thinking and determination, improve your relationships with them, or lift them up after COVID has knocked them down time and time again – I can tailor the presentation to your needs. You’ll get a keynote speaker that gives you entertainment, education, real-world solutions, and hope for a brighter future.

Me after speaking in Texas USA at an American Australian Chamber of Commerce event (AMCHAM)

Me With Layne Beachley During Our Tedx Talks


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

Here’s Just A Small Fraction Of What We’ll Cover Together On Our Call…

  • The 30-Second Intro That Grabs Your Audience By The Scruff Of The Neck And Snaps Them To Attention If your audience aren’t focused they will NOT hear the message and they will NOT change – this quick and powerful intro breaks their thought pattern and gets them eating out of the palm of my hand in under a minute!

  • Why Suffering A Traumatic Brain Injury Was One Of The BEST Things That Ever Happened To Me This near fatal accident would have shattered most people and sent them into downward mental spiral…but I was able to turn it into a positive outcome that took my life, career and adventures to another level!

  • How I Was Able To Launch My Own 7-Figure Self-Published Book Business I went to every major bookstore in Australia and NZ to sell my books only to have them turn me down every single time – you’ll discover how I broke the mould and became a 12-time best selling author, all by MYSELF!

  • 3 Essential Parts Of Any Story That Effectively Engages And Inspires An Audience Your keynote speaker will bore your crowd to sleep unless they can craft effective stories that engage and connect (if a potential speaker can’t tell you what these story factors are…run as fast as you can!)

  • My Secret To Developing Bulletproof Resilience No Matter What Life Throws At Me Most people fold like a piece of paper when they face adversity. You’ll discover my proven method for forging an iron-clad will to succeed – even when the chips are down and your back’s against the wall


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers


3 Tips To Find A Unique Keynote Speaker That Captivates And Inspires Your Audience

Download this exclusive guide now and discover these quick and powerful tips for choosing the right guest speaker for your next event – even if you have no idea where to start!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Thinking about hiring a speaker? Flip to page 3 and discover the #1 question you must ask a speaker before you sign them (this 30-second sentence can save you from an event disaster!)

  • How to pick an electrifying speaker who excites and brings your event to life WITHOUT wasting $10,000+ on someone who knows NOTHING about your business or your goals!

  • Running an event for the first time? Use this TED event secret to create a life changing presentation which impacts your audience so heavily they RAVE about it for months on end

  • The forgotten ingredient used by some of the greatest speakers of all time to inspire and motivate an entire room of people… If you want your message to hit home and move your audience at their core you need to check page 7

  • The #1 factor you MUST address to keep your audience motivated after the presentation… (this tip is backed by science and used by some of the biggest keynote speakers in the world!)

Here’s Just A Small Fraction Of What We’ll Cover Together On Our Call…


My hard-hitting insider’s perspective celebrates the spirit of our rural sector.


My value-infused corporate communications inspire multicultural workforces and revolutionise organisational practises.


My positive messages inspire a future generation of innovative, big thinkers for our critical era.

Local Community

Let's get my hands dirty to help your community make a substantial and lasting impact.


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

WOW, WOW and WOW… Every Member Was On The Edge Of Their Seat…What A Mind-Blowing Presentation!

Paul, Rotary Club of Taradale NZ.

Inspires Your Audience To Overcome Adversity With Grit And Creative Thinking

Can’t get your staff motivated? Or does your team always take the path of least resistance instead of doing what’s right? That’s all about to change.

I was on my deathbed in a coma at 15. They had to resuscitate me 3 times in a single week and my brain was starved of oxygen for over 3 minutes. I was told I’d never walk or talk again. Every bookstore turned me down. Everyone laughed at my business ideas and told me I would fail…I NEVER gave up though. I always found a way to WIN in the face of adversity. This grit and resilience is one of the most powerful lessons I can give your audience.


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

Here Are Some Of The Topics I Can Customise As Your Keynote Speaker

The Stories We Tell: The Power of a Good Yarn.
  • Why storytelling is so important. The words we choose and the stories we tell, influence our individual growth and effect organisational performance.
  • Increased sales performance and its correlation with storytelling and emotional investment. Storytelling improves brand loyalty and strengthens reputation.
  • Connecting with your audience/ building credibility in the market. People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our stories connect us in humanity.
Our Rational Mind is both the answer and the problem.
  • 86 billion nerve cells and trillions of connectors, amassing limitless possibility in our brains. Our mind is our strongest ally, but it is also our toughest gatekeeper. The rational mind does not like the vulnerable aspect of us. The more fearful a person is, the more control over their environment they think they need to have to make them feel safe
  • Our minds are processing 400 billion bits of info every second but we are only conscious of 2000 bits. How are those 2000 bits selected? Why those bits? Why not another 2000? Why does one become aware of what they become aware of compared to someone else. Because is biases - we have unconscious biases based on our past experiences. Our biases fit our definitions. Part of us is curating - laying out our reality/ our awareness based on what fits our beliefs. It’s all about assumptions.
  • Limiting beliefs and preconceived ideas are holding us back. How are they formed and how do they affect our businesses and our lives?
  • Find out your personal and organisational limiting beliefs and how to work with them.
  • Our thoughts and feelings communicate our beliefs to us. Perception is a limited mode of awareness. Thoughts don’t create reality. Thoughts that are given power create reality.
  • Excerpt from my book: “The supposed peace and security associated with that prototypical existence unsettled me. That inherent conflict between my heart and mind reappeared, and I began to question if what I was doing with my life was right for me. The conflict was palpable. I began to ask myself, Who creates the unwritten rules of how we should live our lives, and why do we so willingly follow them? Who defines how we should behave? What would I do if I had six months to live?
Wonderment in the Knowledge Economy. Being present
  • In our knowledge economy, thinking and perception are reign; being aware of the narrative that is going on in your head goes unrecognised. The limit of my awareness is the limit of my creativity.
  • Why creative thinkers, driven by doubt, curiosity and intrigue are integral to business success. Doubt is central to creativity. It makes you think outside of the usual way of doing things. Self-doubt and passion are a powerful combination.
  • Why being aware of our thoughts and interrogating their significance supports our businesses and team. Questions fuel and drive our thinking and help us to be present.
  • Your working environment persuades you to work and think in certain ways. The more aware you are of that, the more you can use it to your advantage.
The power of not-knowing: undiscovered opportunity
  • Success and entrepreneurship are all about laying bare our faults and flaws. We control our lives by our perceptions and often lack momentum when we think we need to know how to do something or have to do it right the first time.
  • Encourage staff and children to have the confidence to think unconventionally. Schools and universities teach tried and tested techniques. Schools and businesses see knowledge as a currency to be stacked up and locked away. People are born with more abilities than they realise. Most are born geniuses but this quickly dampened with education and convention. We need to find our state of innocence. Innocence is power. It gives you creativity. Find that child like state again. Children’s imaginations have not been corrupted by beliefs of what’s [possible and what’s not, therefore keeping creativity and adventure alive.
  • Sometimes we have to do things that are counter-intuitive. When everyone else is applying logic, and you apply creative thinking, you can make huge impacts
  • How removing the need for clarification and certainty increases business opportunity and focus. Too often in life we focus on avoiding failure, scared off by the possibility of stuffing up. But if you tell yourself you can’t, you can’t. If you focus on failing, you will. Research shows if your goal is to avoid failure, you’ll actually increase your chances of failing. Remember, belief creates reality.
  • Why not-knowing is vital. How to tap into collective and individual creativity and innovation when you don’t know how. Ignorance of the right way to do something can be an asset. Find your own way. If you do something the way you have been taught, your methods will be the same as everyone else and you will produce something obvious and predictable. If you make up your own method, its likely to be a new method that produces new results.
  • Don’t be held up by the right way! An alternative to training is not no training but to equip people with the ability to think for themselves and an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes and learn.
  • Excerpt from my book: There have been many times throughout my winding journey that I have offered up an opportunity for someone to come with me and Barney on our travels only to be bombarded with every excuse under the sun—no time, no savings, no energy, no vision. At times I’ve been certain that even if I offered my prospective travel companion a million bucks, they would find an excuse about not being able to find their bank details! So, let me ask you this: what are you going to say to someone who, god forbid, tells you that you only have weeks or months to live? Oh, I need more warning than that? There is a lot to be said for spur-of-the-moment planning. There are opportunities in the unknown.
If it ain’t broke … You need to break it. Creating your competitive advantage
  • The dynamic nature of our modern world demands that a thriving business bends, revises and innovates. Many business analysts propose that the key to avoid being blindsided is increasing the speed of recognising and responding to change. But, regardless of the speed with which you respond, one thing’s for sure: there is no future in a static organisation.
  • Break the shackles of routine thinking and seize the market advantage. If you think creatively where no one else is, it gives you the edge. Competition can help everyone achieve greater heights. Rise to the challenge and find another way to do something. Do something unexpected, set yourself apart from the competition.
  • How to avoid the ranks of the disappearing corporations. Why Innovation is not enough. “88% of companies that were in the Fortune 500 of the world’s largest corporations in 1965 are not in that list today ... 74% of that list disappeared since 1980 … and the pace of change is only accelerating!
  • How to keep up with constant change and why it is better to think new ideas, than salvage old ones.
The Power of ‘No’
  • NO – Why we should expect it and use it to our advantage.
  • Rejection is a catalyst! Paired with resilience it compels us to find another/a better way.
  • Why we need ‘no’ to avoid stagnation. How accepting the inevitable refusal transforms our outcomes, increases sales performance and our competitive advantage.
  • Driver stories, selling book stories, Twiggy Forrest story- rocking up to his house when he wouldn’t return my calls or emails, Richard Branson story- calling him on the phone to do a job with Virgin because Qantas said no.
Manipulation is not a strategy- effective communication
  • Why authentic communication eliminates the need for manipulation and impulsive wheeling and dealing.
  • How letting go of our bias helps to maintain integrity and increase efficiency.
  • Retaining the right customer, the invested customer the committed customer. Embracing your story and inspiring your customer instead.
  • Excerpt from my book: Spending time communicating through an interpreter highlighted to me the importance of clear communication. Without clear and purposeful messaging, meanings are lost and misunderstandings complicate situations. Nine times out of ten, when things go wrong in life, if you peel back the layers to find the basis of the issue, communication, or lack thereof, is at its source.
It’s not luck – it’s a choice: Overcoming imaginitis with Action
  • Imaginitis = inability to imagine outside of what we believe is possible - People know what they don’t want, so why don’t they know what they want? They spend their lives avoiding pain instead of going for pleasure.
  • Why complacency and criticism stifle organisational performance. How to create meaning and inspire action and cooperation.
  • Stop making excuses. Why ownership and responsibility instigate action and help us lead by example.
  • Fear of failure vanishes when expectations are lifted. Improvise, play around. Have fun, be liberated.
  • Don’t wait for someone to give you a break. Create one for yourself. So many people need the approval of others in order to follow their dreams. Don’t be at the mercy of other peoples decisions. I didn’t wait for someone to publish my books. I did it myself. To produce anything worthwhile you have to be proactive and generate it. You can’t sit around and wait. Most people sleepwalk through life never asking themselves what they are doing and why or if it really matters to them. How to make choices.
  • Trust is a choice you make. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the life we cultivate. If we are guided only by social expectations then we will ultimately end up in a rut. Edit your life frequently.

Uncover What’s REALLY Holding Back Your Organisation And Get Clear Effective Solutions

Seen a drop in staff productivity or noticed they seem less engaged – but you’re not sure why? There can be many reasons. There could be a wide disconnect between you and your staff. There may be a lack of transparency. Or your members may feel undervalued and misunderstood.

An impactful speech from the right guest speaker is exactly what you need to turn things around. I can capture the hearts and minds of even the most lost employees with my stories and inspire them again. You’ll reconnect with your team and get them working together on the same mission once more.

Why The Guest Speaker Industry Is BROKEN And How You Can Avoid Wasting Up To $50,000+

I need to be frank. Choosing the wrong keynote speaker is a total waste of your time and money. Hiring a celebrity or an ex-sports star will cost up to $50,000+ for a 1-hour presentation. And what do you get? A few bad jokes and old sporting tales that do nothing to connect with your audience and improve your business.

Don’t make this financial blunder. I have had so much unique life and business experience at the age of 34 and continue to adapt and evolve to the changing dynamics of the world.

Motivate Your Staff And Transform Your Business With This Simple 4 Step Process:

  1. Claim Your Free 30-Minute Call It all starts here. Enter your details at the bottom of the page and we’ll jump on a call together so we can discuss what you want out of your presentation.
  2. Define Your Objectives On the call, we’ll go through the issues you’re hoping to solve and the results you hope to achieve from your speech – this is how we’ll measure the impact.
  3. Customise Your Message Now that we know what you want to achieve, we’ll choose the topic that best suits your goals and customise the message so it lasers in on your audience and your objectives.
  4. Inspire, Engage And Motivate! Now I deliver my dynamic speech – I’ll captivate your audience, have them on the edge of their seat, and inspire them to take action toward your goal!

Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

Discover How To Supercharge Employee Productivity And Inspire Your Team Or I’ll Work For Free - Guaranteed!

As an entrepreneur and creative thinker, I know how important it is for you to inspire and create growth in your business. What I provide offers more than just stories, it encourages your audience to step up and take the initiative and dig deep for the gold.

I’m so confident in my ability to share and present to your audience information that impacts each and every person in the room. I even guarantee it. I promise your audience will be completely blown away by the presentation or I won’t charge you a dime! You have absolutely nothing to lose.


Make A Booking Enquiry And Inspire Your Audience To Unleash Their Potential And Become High-Performers

Take A Look At Some More Rave Reviews My Clients Have Left Me…

Your story and address at our conference was so honest and personal. You resonated with people and you could feel it in the room, and the buzz afterwards was unbelievable. The only other person I have heard speak, who has had that effect on me was Steven Bradbury.

Gail Marie Rodd

CS Energy and GRM Services Australia

After meeting Al Mabin and being inspired by her story I asked her to speak at our Christmas function. She willingly obliged and joined us on the night. She gave an overview of her background and the circumstances that led her to travel all over Australia photographing and documenting the people, agriculture and what marks Australia tick. My staff were spellbound and emotional as she shared many anecdotes about her experiences but mostly, we were all inspired by this exceptional woman who through her determination and hard work achieved at a very young age much more than anyone of us will in our lifetime. We all very much enjoyed Al's talk especially because it set the backdrop and motivation for the wonderful set of books she has produced. Congratulations and thank you, Al Mabin.

Roger Vater

Vater Machinery

I enjoy working with early adopters and changemakers. Alice Mabin is more than that she's ahead of her time and continually breaks the moulds of what's possible for accomplished entrepreneurs who cannot help but magnetise attention towards their work wherever they travel. An extraordinary business mind and a wonderful person to collaborate with.

Marie O Riordan

Head of PR, Prepaid Financial Services

Without gushing too much just want to say how impressed I was with your outlook on life. You are one determined young lady and show maturity beyond your years and have managed to stay real. You have taken adversity and turned it around ... we can all learn lessons from you. I wish you well in your business and your personal life. Thanks once again for taking time to taking time to speak to our club. We really appreciate it.

Kris Stephens

President Rotary Club of Balmoral

The tenacity, motivation and front of this young lady has never been met in my time. This girl goes out and gets what she wants! What a story she has to tell. Let her pictures in her book tell it all. Simply outstanding!

Nic Hayes

CEO Media Stable

Certainly, a young lady with the attitude never give up and find another way to get it sorted. Very interesting Life journey Alice took us through. Thank you.

Bill Manton

Volvo Australia

WOW WOW and WOW. Every member was sitting on the edge of their seat. Alice's photography is incredible, she is so talented and inspirational, so brave and confident. Many members were heard saying they could have listened to her talk and look at her work all night. What an interactive and mind-blowing presentation. To think one woman could be so tenacious and driven to keep breaking down the barriers on her journey to success. Your story makes me want to re-evaluate my path in life.


Rotary Club of Taradale NZ

Hi Al, I cannot say enough about how I enjoyed your presentation. It was light entertainment, a lot of comedy along the way, a few times I thought Why? Why continue? but you got your message across as to how you saw a dream and went for it and succeeded so well in the end. The photos in your books are inspirational

Jeanette Robertson

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