Jacqueline Curley

These books are helping to keep the profile of Agriculture alive. Currently we have just about everything working against us so it is entirely up to us to put ourselves back in the public eye. Al Mabin has spent a year of her life producing The Grower which is a huge step in this direction. Use this resource, make sure it is your local schools, libraries and homes. Encourage business to use it for Christmas corporate gifts, stock up with them for event trophies. Her book about freight and transportation throughout Australia is also very educational and well researched. No other country in the world has produced an agricultural photography and info book as extensive as The Grower series. We have one put in our laps and it seems it is not going to be utilised unless we all make a decision to buy them now. The cost of one of these books is equivalent to one dinner and a bottle of wine, or one shirt, or a pair of cheap shoes. The benefits of spreading this information through the public domain will last for many many years. I leave these thoughts with you all.