Peter Halicki, Collins Booksellers Wagga Wagga

I so much believe in your positive philosophy and agree with everything you say. You are so right.

We shall get behind the book and give it the exposure it deserves, particularly for Father’s Day. We already have them in three locations around the store.

If my staff can do a half decent display, we’ll send you a photo.

You know, after 33 years in the book trade and having worked for Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Leading Edge Books and owning this Collins store for 21 years, I have a general rule that I never buy anything FIRM SALE because I just don’t need too. However, I’m so glad I made an exception in the  case of your books. They have proven to be a great success with sales of The Drover now standing at 48 copies and The Driver at 32 copies. This is quite considerable!  I think you are GOLD and your books are GEMS.

Congratulations on the success of your books.