Tommy Warner, CEO at Y Cubed Ag Consulting, Texas USA:

Alice has created a masterpiece of client engagement and appreciation with her two new books as The Grower Series. I have been able to share these works of art with many folks in the USA and they have been taken back with the magnitude and detail provided from a camera lens. Australia has always been a place of allure and mystique for many American citizens, so these books really help illustrate the industry’s importance to a much wider audience than just within the Australian borders. Anything to create more valuable insight for farmers in Australia is a must to share. Our clients have being deeply moved by these gifts and this has strengthened the relationships we have with them in ways we have not seen before. This new series of books was certainly a compliment to The Drover and The Driver series that we first gave clients a year ago. They continue to demand these books so I believe The Grower Series takes the detail of Australian Agriculture to another level, which is very exciting!