Tracey Goble

Alice Mabin’s book “The Drover” which describes in photographs the tough assignment that Bill Little undertook to bring the Brinkworth cattle south, is a marvelous collection.

We have sold many copies to people needing to describe wordlessly the life of a drover.

Alice’s book is a great present. It shows some of the tough conditions that outback Australians endure in this increasingly technologically assisted life. This is a true insight into some of the highs and lows of looking after stock in extreme drought conditions.

We salute Alice for taking on this challenging task. Bill Little was assisted along the way with a team of other drovers as mobs of cattle were split upon entering new south wales. Many characters of the bush and some enthusiastic amateurs as well as horses and dogs contribute to this wonderful book. Well-done Alice.

Tracey Goble – Wise Words Bookshop, Moree  NSW